Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Compassionate Service

I am the compassionate service leader in my ward. I use to just be on the committee over one district but the other c.s. leader moved and I got "promoted". Sunday we are having a training meeting and I get to be the one to train the committee members. In preparation for it, I've been looking up different talks on for ideas, motivation, direction, etc. I came across this talk and LOVED it. It's called Compassionate Service: With or without the casserole. You should read it. It's not very long and it's really good.
As I was reading it, I thought how true it really is. We don't need to take something with us. Sure the casserole or card is nice, but YOU are enough. Sometimes that's what someone really needs, just another person standing there letting you know they care.
I thought on my own life and the service that has been rendered to me and my family. A specific time came to mind when we receive A LOT of compassionate service. When we lost my brother there were so many people always at our house, bringing meals, flowers, doing the laundry, and who knows what else. They really wanted to help any way they could. For me at that time, I was sent a guardian angel and I didn't even recognize it until I read this article. (I'm sitting here crying, just like I was yesterday day thinking about it). I had a friend who was always with me. Didn't matter what I was doing or where I was going. Tiffany was coming with me. I never asked her to (that I remember). At 14 years old, I doubt she was really thinking, "Cathy really needs me to give her some service, what can I do? what can I take her?". She knew I was hurting and going through something hard and she was just there. Always there. There were no flowers, cards or casseroles, just her presence. That is Christ-like service. That is what the Savior would have done if He had been there with me in person.
I invite you all to not worry about doing enough or taking enough. YOU are enough. When you have an open heart and ACT, the Lord will use you as an instrument in his hands. For all the people who give acts of service by just being there or whatever it might be, in my life and in the lives of others, I thank you.
Feel free to share examples from your own life. I like being inspired. Even if it makes me cry.

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  1. I saw this on facebook and I"m so glad I jumped over to read this! 2/3 pregnancies have been high risk and I think it took me being on that receiving end to understand how much even a phone call to say "I was thinking about you" meant during those times. I was so impressed with how many called or stopped by who didn't even know me well, but just knew of my situation and wanted to support me. I appreciate the reminder tonight because I've swung back to the "casserole side" again and need to remember, like you said, that I AM ENOUGH! Oh, Cathy! You are awesome! Congrats on your engagement too! So exciting!!!