Monday, July 17, 2017

A good dose of the outdoors

This summer has been jam packed. I've been driving like crazy and have hardly been home for a weekend since the beginning of May. I had a rare weekend where I wasn't traveling somewhere and it worked out perfectly to be the weekend of my old Stake MSA camping activity. Luckily Aubrey also had a free weekend so we packed up our stuff and headed up Payson canyon. It was BEAUTIFUL. The weather was perfect, the campsite was perfect, the company was good. I came home tired, with a slight sunburn and smelling like a camp fire. To me this equals a very successful camping trip.

 It's amazing how a few minutes can completely change the scenery. There were no filters used. I love nature. God is the ultimate artist.

When I got home, I took a much needed nap and then got ready to go hiking up American Fork canyon to Scout Falls. The hike was pretty easy and again it was beautiful.

I thought I would sleep like a rock Saturday night, but I actually had a hard time falls asleep. Luckily I managed to get a good nap in on Sunday. I'm hoping as my schedule starts to taper and fall into more of a routine, I'll have some time before it gets too cold to go camping at least one more time and get some good hiking in.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


After Oregon we headed down to California for Kevin's wedding. Julie and Sterling were nice enough to take the longer route through the Redwoods so I could check another National park off my list. The trees were SO huge and tall. It was beautiful and I loved it!

 The water was SO warm. I wish it had been deeper and we could have gone for a swim.
I just couldn't get over how HUGE these trees are. 
 Saturday morning we headed to the Oakland temple for Kevin and Kaylene's wedding. It was hot, but they were so happy and it was a lovely ceremony. Check Oakland off the bucket list. Overall the trip worked out very well for my bucket list items. Two National Parks and two temples!


Last week I took time off work to go with my sister and brother in law on a trip to Oregon. It was a very long drive but I had a great time hanging out with my sister and little baby Coral.
 Don't mind that I look homeless. Look at that adorable little smile!!! She's the cutest!
 Except when she blows out on your white shirt. I got peed on, puked on and pooped on within 24 hours.
 The fourth of July didn't really impress her much. We went to a parade. It was SO hot and the parade was kind of a let down. I need more floats and horses to make it a real parade.

 We were the best of friends all week! She really does love me.
 I made it to the Medford temple so I can cross that one off the bucket list.

 And I made it Crater Lake so I can cross that one off the bucket list as well! There wasn't much to do so we got some pictures, I hiked a bit and then we drove back.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

I'm an auntie!

We've been waiting for this little bundle to finally come for weeks now, but she just took her sweet little time. Julie's water finally broke Saturday morning and around 2 Sterling called me to see if I wanted to come hang out and watch a movie with them at the hospital. I had to wait for something to come out of the oven and as I was leaving he called again to see if I was on my way. She had dilated to a 9 and delivery was in the near future. As I walked into the hospital room I was accosted by a nurse asking who I was and when Sterling told her I could come in, I wasn't quite prepared for my sister to be in between contractions.
Her nurses were awesome. Seriously the one was the best cheerleader ever. I felt like I could deliver a baby. Coral's heart rate kept dropping and they were afraid the umbilical chord was around her neck so the doctor busted out the forceps and just like that there was a baby. They brought in the respiratory team and she ended up in the NICU for a bit to help her lungs out, but other than that she was perfect and chubby. 8 lbs 5 oz. What a little fatty. But she's cute as anything and I'm so glad she's here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day weekend was a busy one for me and it took a turn that I was definitely not expecting.
Friday night I headed up to Idaho with my aunt, uncle and cousin. My sister had her Idaho baby shower on Saturday and it was a very full weekend. Saturday morning I got up and ran 8 miles. That kind of wiped me out for the day, but there was still a lot to be done. We all got ready and headed to Idaho Falls for the temple open house. It was mostly the same, but they did change some of the rooms and furniture. It was very lovely.
After the temple we headed home to get ready for the baby shower. Lots of decorating, but relatively easy set-up since we had everything but the fruit ready. My mom was worried that no one would come but we had a great turnout.

Clean up was really fast and then we headed home. Mom and dad went to Idaho Falls with aunt Tammy and uncle Benny to look at a truck my grandpa is selling so I decided to see what Denae was up to. It worked out that they were having some pizza for dinner and Julie and Sterling were headed to visit some friends so they could drop me off since I was without a car. It was great to visit with Denae and David and their friends.
Sunday morning we started going through boxes and getting rid of stuff to help mom kick start her sewing room cleaning. I bought a long arm quilting machine and we need somewhere to put it so mom is working on making space for it for me. We made some good progress.
Church was pretty normal. The Elders Quorum presidency were the speakers and they were the typical Mother's Day, honor women talks you expect, but the musical number was really hard for me. I don't know what it was but I just cried through the whole thing and then cried for the rest of sacrament meeting. I walked home after church and went through some more boxes and tried to cheer up. I wasn't very successful. I have never had a problem with Mother's Day before, but for whatever reason, the baby shower, my very pregnant sister sitting next to me, or whatever else, this was a rough Mother's Day for me.
On the way home I did get two very nice texts that I was not expecting. The first was from Katie.
"Happy day to you! Thank you for being such a wonderful example to my girls!"
The second was from my friend John.
"Happy Mother's Day. You not only possess, but epitomize, every trait of woman and mother that I heard from the pulpit today. You are the most kind, nurturing, and strong woman that I know. I believe that your children would have the best chance of success in this life, because they'd be closer to Christ through you. You lead by example through your hard work, and always put the Lord first."
It was nice to get those messages especially since I had such a hard time at church. I am grateful for the wonderful women in my life who have taught and nurtured me, especially my own mother who is such an example of selflessness and love.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

National Parks

As I was driving to work this morning and my mind was wondering, I decided I wanted to add something to my bucket list. And now that I'm typing this I think I'm going to add two things.

1. Visit all the National Parks. I counted 61 on this list, but Yellowstone is listed on there 3 times for the 3 states that it covers. This starts now so anything I have previously visited doesn't count. That's only 4 parks anyway and I'd be happy to go back to all 4 of them. I am okay with this taking many years to accomplish. :) If you're planning a trip to or near any of these places and want to invite me, I'd be okay with that. 

Alaska (8)Denali 1917
Gates of the Arctic 1980
Glacier Bay 1980
Katmai 1980
Kenai Fjords 1980
Kobuk Valley 1980
Lake Clark 1980
Wrangell - St. Elias 1980
American Samoa American Samoa 1988
Arizona (3) Grand Canyon 1919
Petrified Forest 1962
Saguaro 1994
Arkansas Hot Springs 1921
California (8) Channel Islands 1980
Death Valley 1994
Joshua Tree 1994
Kings Canyon 1940
Lassen Volcanic 1916
Redwood 1968
Sequoia 1890
Yosemite 1890
Colorado (4) Black Canyon of the Gunnison 1999
Great Sand Dunes 2004
Mesa Verde 1906
Rocky Mountain 1915
Florida (3) Biscayne 1980
Dry Tortugas 1992
Everglades 1947
Hawaii (2) Haleakala 1916
Hawaii Volcanoes 1916
Idaho Yellowstone 1872
Kentucky Mammoth Cave 1941
Maine Acadia 1919
Michigan Isle Royale 1940
Minnesota Voyageurs 1975
Montana (2) Glacier 1910
Yellowstone 1872
Nevada Great Basin 1986
New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns 1930
North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains 1934
North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt 1978
Ohio Cuyahoga Valley 2000
Oregon Crater Lake 1902
South Carolina Congaree 2003
South Dakota (2) Badlands 1978
Wind Cave 1903
Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains 1934
Texas (2) Big Bend 1944
Guadalupe Mountains 1966
U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin Islands 1956
Utah (5) Arches 1971
Bryce Canyon 1928
Capitol Reef 1971
Canyonlands 1964
Zion 1919
Virginia Shenandoah 1935
Washington (3) Mount Rainier 1899
North Cascades 1968
Olympic 1938
Wyoming (2) Grand Teton 1929
Yellowstone 1872

2. Go to all the temples in the United States. Once upon a time I had a goal to go to all of the temples and then the number of temples exploded and that was just ridiculous. I changed my goal to all the temple in Utah and finished that up in December. Again this goal will take a long time to accomplish, but I am going to count the ones I've already been to on this one. Currently there are 83 temples operating, being built or announced in the United States. I've done ordinances in 24 and been to sealings in an additional 2.

Columbia River
Portland (Sealing)
Boise (Sealing)

Idaho Falls
Twin Falls
Star Valley
Fort Collins



Cedar City
St. George

Brigham City



Salt Lake

Jordan River

Oquirrh Mountain


Mt. Timpanogos
Saratoga Springs

Provo City Center

Las Vegas
Oakland Sealing
Los Angeles
Newport Beach
San Diego
Gila Valley
Oklahoma City
San Antonio
Baton Rouge
Washington D.C.
Ft. Lauderdale
St. Paul
Winter Quarters
Kansas City
St. Louis